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Want to know more about me?  What's my story?   I've always had a knack for voices, for story telling, for being able to bring life to a character.  Finally I decided it was high time I put that ability to good use and do something other than live in the day to day rat race.   Often described as having a Baritone and sonorous voice I find myself often portraying characters well suited to such - The gruff military man, the evil demon, but my ranges extends from the common to the otherworldly.  


I specialize in character voices for Video games, Product Demonstration videos, Corporate Voice Overs, but what I really enjoy ( and excel at ) is Audiobook Narration.  I have voiced roles in the in Exile game Wasteland 2, Haunted Legends by Bigfish Games, various community mods for games like Skyrim and ARMA 3.  My first full length Audiobook called Heart of Steel by Elizabeth Einspanier Was published in May of 2015.   In June of 2015 I signed on for a 3 book deal with Evolved Publishing and author J.W. Zulauf - The Balderdash Saga.


I am active in a number of independent Animated projects and games as well, see my Roles and Credits page for more!

I work out of my home, sound isolated, Studio using a Neumann TML 103 Mic and ART Voice Channel Pro Rack Preamp/Dynamics system. I use Adobe Audition along with the award winning Izotope software Nectar 2 and RX4 Advanced for editing and mastering work, producing professional quality audio without the need for a big studio footprint.


Interested in in hiring me? Please e-mail me at Peter@PeterReynoldsVA.com or call (919) 391-4765 discuss rates and details!

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