Fallout Equestria: Heroes

My claim to being mildy Horse Famous! 

A little history here.  This is the project that actually got me to look at going Pro VA, where I honed my skill and cut my teeth, as it were.   I needed subject matter to learn narration, editing, etc. and this was as good as any in the wide weird world of FanFiction. Who doesn’t like post apocalyptic pastel ponies?  


The early chapters suffer as I learn the software, editing, and get into the roles.   Almost 3 years of work, over a half million words,  and the story is not done yet!   In the later chapters I start to get heavy into foley work and the entire production is almost a radio drama at this point.

The Things

The Things by 2011 Hugo Award Nominee Peter Watts

The Things - The story of John Carpenters classic Sci-Fi Horror movie as told from the perspective of the creature as it battles to survive.

Steel Hooves and other voices in Fallout: Equestria the Animated Series.

Well, it's best you google Fallout: Equestria ... it's too bizarre to try and explain!


Every Story Must Come to an End

A small side story from Stable-Tec studios that takes takes place in the Fallout Equestria wasteland.  I play the bartending Rusty Keg. 

Enforcer in The 27th Cavern

An ongoing machinima set in the Minecraft world where I play a particularly nasty enforcer type.

Your Life In Our Hands

I play the role of Charlie in this fun little production...  Imagine a world without consequence. A world in which your actions no longer lead directly to your death. A world in which our specially trained team monitor you every minute of every day, and if we think you’re about to have an accident, we freeze time; fill out the required paperwork, charge you a standard premium fee, restart time and place you back just out of harms way.Well, don’t imagine anymore, because we are ‘J.M Insurance’……and ‘Your Life’, is in ‘Our Hands’

Nth Doctor Adventures Episode 2.1 - Jekyll and Hyde in Space

A indie Dr. Who production where I play the roles of Captain Numari and Hyde - Hyde was a lot of fun to do!  Was also working with the extremely talented Austin Nebbia who played The Doctor.


The Story: Alice joins the newly regenerated, yet still old familiar Doctor as they board the USS Venus and solve the mystery of who or what is attacking the crew.

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