Wasteland 2
Casey James and Samuel

Game NPCs in Wasteland 2
ARMA III: In Our Time
The voice of Frost in the award winning Mod/Campaign In Our Time for ARMA III
Fallout: Equestria
Game based on fan fiction of the same name, a cross over of the Fallout and My Little Pony universes.

Currently Pre-Alpha and only role I current have is of the town seller of Alcohol, and drunk, Brim Hopps!
Haunted Legends
I voice the villain in BigFish Games Haunted Legends 5 and 6
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Peter Reynolds


Height: 5'11"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue


Location: Raleigh, NC

Willing to travel

Video Games

I have done a considerable amount of Voice Over work for various clients via the site Voicebunny.com.   Please check my profile there for everything from radio spots to instruction videos!

Voice Bunny Profile: Peter Reynolds




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